Vernier CBL Ultrasonic Motion Detector and Vernier CBL 2 Microphone


1)    Studentsí engagement with, and ownership of, abstract mathematical ideas can be fostered through the above technology.

2)    The above tools will allow access to visual models that are powerful, but that are so tedious to generate by hand that students are unable or unwilling to generate independently.

3)    The range of problems accessible to students extends and allows them to execute routine procedures quickly and accurately, thus allowing more time for conceptualizing and modeling.

4)    The technology will make it possible to examine more examples and representational forms than are feasible by hand.




Vernier CBL 2 Ultrasonic Motion Detector Sensor


1)     Use exploration to determine the rate of change in position verse the rate of change in time (linear relation) of real life objects.  (MA.C.3.4.2)

2)     Use exploration to investigate slopes of non-vertical lines and analyze results. (MA.C.3.4.2)

3)     Use exploration to investigate rectangular prisms using the CBL to measure the length, width and height of rectangular rooms to determine the perimeter and area of the roomís floor, the surface area of the room, and the volume of the room.  (MA.B.3.4.1)


Vernier CBL 2 Microphone Sensor


1)    Used to display and study the waveforms of sounds from voices and musical instruments to discover that the sound of a musical note has a periodic graph resembling a sine curve. (MA.C.3.4.1)

2)    Use graphs generated by sound to find period and frequency of tones.   Compare the frequency of the graph to the pitch of the tone.  (MA.C.3.4.1)




CBL 2 System includes CBL 2 interface, a stainless steel                       $166.00

temperature probe, light probe, voltage probe, calculator cradle,

short link cable, userís guide, and a TI Resource CD.

Motion Detector                                                                                           $64.00

Microphone Sensor                                                                                      $35.00

Shipping                                                                                                $12.00


TOTAL                                                                                                     $277.00