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Personal Information

I was born in California.  My father was in the military  so we moved a lot.  By the time I started 1st grade in Washington, I had lived in Missouri twice, Oklahoma twice, and two different areas of Germany.  I attended pre-school and kindergarten in Germany at German schools.  Until I was 5 years old I seldom played with English speaking kids, only those who spoke German.  I was pretty good with German back then, but because I have not used it, I have forgotten it.  My parents always spoke English, so therefore I also spoke English.  I guess I was bilingual when I was younger.

I moved frequently during my school years.  I went to 4 different elementary schools, only 1 Jr. High, and 3 different High Schools. Because of the different high schools, each time I changed schools,  I found that the requirements for graduation were somewhat different than the previous school.  I took extra classes each semester to make up needed credits. When I was in yet another new school the middle of 10th grade, they told me that all I would need for my 12th grade, or Senior year, was one class to graduate.  I took one extra class my Junior year and graduated when I was 16 years old.  Then we moved back to Missouri.

At this time I wanted to work and make my own money so I found a full time job and went to a Junior College at night.  When I got married I wanted primarily three things.  One was to NEVER move again, the other was to finish my college education, and the other was to be a school teacher.  Well, since I married I  moved to Texas, back to Missouri, to another area in Missouri, then again to another area in Missouri, and now I am living in Florida.  I love Florida and can't see myself moving again.  I did finish my college education, though it took me awhile, and now I am a teacher.

I guess 2 out of 3 isn't bad.  In the mean time I had 3 children,  two boys and one girl.  You can meet and read about them by clicking on my family page.


My interests are Mathematics and anything to do with computers.  You might say that keeping up with the changes in computers and learning more about how to do things with them in my #1 hobby.  I also enjoy most all kinds of crafts, decorating, water sports and swimming, and people, both adults and children.

  Reason for Web Site

I designed this site for several purposes.  The main reason is I had never done any web publishing and wanted to give it a try.  Another reason is to share information about myself and my family. And a functional reason is to give my students a place to go to get information they may be able to use in learning mathematics.

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