8th Rgular CEOC Study Guide

8th Regular CEOC Study Guide Answer Key





8th Grade NGSSS

6-8 Reference Sheet

8th Grade Item Specs

 8th Grade Glossary

FCA #1 - 9/13 to 9/17




 Practice Problems


Metric Pyramid

How Hot is it in Metric

Metric Song

Metric World

Test Your Metric Knowledge

Metric Expressions

Metric: The Choice is Yours

Sizing Up the Situation

Metric Crossword


Metric 4x4

Travel Math - (e-mail me for the kit)

Suggested: Big Ideas Math 8, Chapter 1 (All)

FCA #2 - 10/18 to 10/22



Tables, graphs, domain and range of linear equations

Practice Problems

Barbie Bungee Activity - Illuminations

Barbie Bungee Center Guide

Bouncing Tennis Balls - Illuminations

Finding Our Top Speed - Illuminations

Spaghetti Bridges

Spaghetti Bridges Center Guide

Dynamic Paper

Grid Paper

Graph Paper - http://www.printfreegraphpaper.com/

Linear People - add 2 lines for systems


Slope and Intercepts

Practice Problems

Equations of Attack - Illuminations

Equations of Attack - Center Guide

Equations of Attack - Cards

Equations of Attack - Game Board

Slope - Word Map

x & y Intercepts Investigation

x & y Intercepts Investigation Activity Guide

Slopes & Intercepts Puzzle

Slope Puzzle

Write Equation from Slope & 1 Point Puzzle

Finding Slope Puzzle from Graph & Points

Puzzle - given slope and point - find line


Solutions for systems of equations, models, problems

Practice Problems

Graphing Linear Systems

Graphing Linear Systems - Blank

Graph a Table of Values

Graph a Table of Values - Blank

Solving by Graphing

Solving by Graphing - Blank

Solving by Linear Combination

Solving by Linear Combination - Blank

Solving by Subsitution

Solving by Subsitution - Blank

Auto Repair Problem

Auto Repair Problem Center Guide

Systems - Which is Best

Systems - Which is Best - Blank

System - Jeopardy


Solutions for systems of equations using graphs

Practice Problems

Solving Systems Graphically - Puzzle

Suggested: Big Ideas Math 8, Chapter 2 (All) & Chapter 3 (All)

FCA #3 - 11/15 to 11/19



Representations of Linear Functions

Practice Problems

Matching - Table/Graph/Equation

Exploring Linear Functions - Illuminations

Discrete & Continuous Functions

     Answer Key

Bathtub Water Levels - Illuminations

Activity Guide

Full Page Graph


Compare graphs of linear and nonlinear functions

Practice Problems

Building Polynomial Functions

Building Polynomial Functions WS

Working Backwards

Building Polynomials of Degree 3


Suggested: Big Ideas Math 8, Chapter 4 (All)

FCA #4 - 12/6 to 12/10



Similar Triangles

Similar Triangles - Geogebra

Similar Triangles - Flash Video

In Your Shadow

In Your Shadow - Worksheet

Videos to see intro lab to similar triangles - cool for the kids


Angle measures including those found in pairs of parallel lines

 Beacon Learning - with proofs


Complete Unit with Graphic Organizer

from Ohio Dept of Ed

Alternate Interior Angles - Geogebra

Alternate Exterior Angles - Geogebra

Corresponding Angles - Geogebra

Same Side Interior Angles - Geogebra


Sum of angles in a polygon

Adding It All Up

Adding It All Up - Worksheet

Adding It Up - Answer Key

Angle Sum Applet

Suggested: Big Ideas Math 8, Chapter 5 (All)

FCA #5 - 1/10 to 1/14



Pythagorean Theorem



Suggested: Big Ideas Math 8, Chapter 6 (All)

FCA #6 - 2/7 to 2/11



Displaying Data

Barbie Bungee

Center Guide

Student Activity Sheet

Bouncing Tennis Balls

Student Activity Sheet

NBA Statistics for Box & Whisker

Center Guide

Student Activity Page

Houston Rockets 09/10 Data

Hurricane Tracking

Exploring Pascal's Triangle

Building Height

Student Activity Sheet

Eat Your Veggies - Box & Whisker

Class Notes

Line Plot

Exploring Histograms

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Rap


Data change impact on measures of central tendency

Article I of the United Nations

Mean-Median-Mode Practice

Pulse Rates and Graphs

Mean & Median - NCTM Applet (internet)

Comparing Properties - NCTM Applet

Suggested: Big Ideas Math8, Chapter 7 (All)

FCA #7 - 3/7 to 3/11



Literal Equations





Graphing Linear Inequalities

     Matching & Activity

Graphing Inequalities from Equations

Writing Equations of Inequalities from a Graph

Student Application

Solving and Graphing with Multiple Operations

Solving and Graphing with x and

Translating Verbal Inequalities

Exit Ticket 1  

Exit Ticket 2

Matching Game

Inequality Crossword

Suggested: Big Ideas Math 8, Chapter 8 (All)

FCA #8 - 3/28 to 4/1



Exponents and Scientific Notation




Square roots and radicals

16 Square Puzzle - thanks to Rebekah Cook

Answer Key



Laws of Exponents




Operations on real numbers




Suggested: Big Ideas Math 8, Chapter 9

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