7th Regular CEOC Study Guide

7th Regular CEOC Study Guide Answer Key

7th Advanced CEOC Study Guide

7th Advanced CEOC Study Guide Answer Key 

FCA #1 - 9/20 to 9/24



Properties of integers (such as absolute value & operation rules)

Practice Problems

Integers: Quick, Fun and Easy to Learn

Money Matters: Integers are Integral!

Exploring Pascal's Triangle

Integer: Crossword

Integer: Identify & Compare


Operations with integers and rational numbers

Practice Problems

Mangoes & Sailors - Teacher Directions

The Mangoes Problem

Sailors & Coconuts Problem

Flash Video - 5 Integer Models

Flash Video - 5 Models overview

Bingo - Fractions

Fraction Strips


Express rational numbers as terminating or repeating decimals

Practice Problems


Solve non-routine problems by workign backwards

Practice Problems


Coordinate Plane

Practice Problems

Cartesian Classroom - Outline

Cartesian Classroom - Activity

Hidden Treasure

Hurricane Tracking

Chameleon Graphing


Suggested: Big Ideas Math 7, Chapters 1 (All) & 2 (2.1 to 2.3)

FCA #2 - 10/4 to 10/8



Solve one and two-step linear equations

Practice Problems

Equation Bingo

Video Explaining Variables



Use properties of equality to represent an equation in a different way.  Show that two equations are equivalent in a given context.

Practice Problems

Extending to Symbols

Pan Balance - Shapes



Solve non-routine problems by workign backwards

Practice Problems

Suggested: Big Ideas Math 7, Chapter 2 (2.4 to 2.6)

FCA #3 - 11/1 to 11/5



Proportions and Proportionality

Practice Problems

Scaling Away Center Guide

Scaling Away - Ratio Overhead

Scaling Away - Scale Overhead

Scaling Away - Surface Area Overhead

Scaling Away - Student Activity Sheets


Graph proportional relations, slope, unit rate

 Practice Problems

Slope Word Map

Blank Word Map

Slope Match - graph, ordered pair, & slope

Slope and ADA Requirements


Direct/Inverse Variation

Practice Problems



Dimensional analysis, convert units (customary & metric)

 Practice Problems

Converting Units - flash video

Liquid Measure - flash video

Lunch Box Mystery - flash video

The Great Lunch Box Mystery

Lengths & Heights - Discovery School

Discovering Gallon Man - Illuminations

Measuring Up - Gallon Man

Measuring Up - Gallons and Cups

Scavenger Hunt for Lengths - Discovery

As People Get Older, They Get Taller

Heights Activity Sheet

Suggested: Big Ideas Math 7, Chapter 3 (All)

FCA #4 - 12/6 to 12/10



Percent problems, percent of change

 Practice Problems

Bargain Town

Price Tags

A Penny Saved at 4.7%

Student Activity Sheet

Lets Go Shopping - Lesson Plan

Lets Go Shopping - Part 1 - Center Guide

Lets Go Shopping - Part 1 - Student WS

Lets Go Shopping - Part 2 - Center Guide

Lets Go Shopping - Part 2 - Student WS

Shops at the Mall

Shops at the Mall - Activity Sheet

Grid Paper - 10 x 10

Grid Paper - Large


Similar figures

 Practice Problems

Similar Triangles - Flash Video

In Your Shadow

In Your Shadow - Student WS


Indirect measurement, scale drawings

 Practice Problems

Off the Scale

Off the Scale - Student Guide


Change in dimensions & effect on perimeter/area/volume

Practice Problems

Scale Factor

Suggested: Big Ideas Math 7, Chapter 4 & 5 (5.1 to 5.4)

FCA #5 - 1/3 to 1/7



Transformations (Reflection/Rotation/Translation)



Suggested: Big Ideas Math 7, Chapter 5 (5.5 to 5.7)

FCA #6 - 2/14 to 2/18



Surface Area and Volume

AIMS - Triangle Areas - Triangle Cut-ups

AIMS - Triangles - Practice Problems

(All AIMS are copywrite materials.  I can bring them and assist with using them in your classroom.)

AIMS - Parallelogram Area Cut-ups

AIMS - Trapezoid Cut-ups+

AIMS - Trapezoids to Parallelograms

Scaling Away

Scaling Away Activity Sheet

Scaling Away - Overhead

Scaling Away - Ratios Overhead

Cylinder Surface Area - discovery - Beacon

Cylinders - Cones - Spheres - one of my fav's


Wrap Around Things


Surface Area and Volume of Composite/Irregular Shapes



Suggested: Big Ideas Math 7, Chaptes 6 (All) & 7 (All)

FCA #7 - 2/28 to 3/4



Population/Sample (Random Sample & Bias)




Histograms/Stem-and-Leaf Plots/Circle Graphs



Suggested: Big Ideas Math 7, Chapter 8 (All)

FCA #8 - 3/28 to 4/1



Statistical experiments, likely/unlikely, fair/unfair




Predictions, independent/dependent events



Suggested: Big Ideas Math 7, Chapter 9 (All)

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