Marion County Public Schools

K-12 Academic Services

Ocala, FL
(352) 236-0516
ext 50116
Hm (352) 502-6184

For all students to develop

  • a firm grounding in essential mathematical skills
  • strong mathematical problem solving and reasoning abilities
  • insights through connections within mathematics and with other disciplines
  • communication skills to prepare them for life outside high school
  • the ability to use appropriate technology to solve mathematical problems
  • the ability to communicate their understanding of mathematics effectively
  • positive attitudes and beliefs about mathematics


To accomplish these goals I must

  • stress the importance of caring for students and attending to their needs
  • retain the belief that all children can learn
  • ensure the educational environment is one that is conducive to for learning
  • use a variety of evaluation methods
  • maintain high expectations for each student in all areas
  • present course content in an organized and understandable fashion
  • be accessible to students outside of the scheduled class hours
  • be flexible 

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